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       [615] Pharmacognosy
         [615.1] Pharmacology
           [615.1] Narcotics

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Tobacco, Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use in the General Population of Greece: Trends Between 1984 and 2004 from Nationwide Household Surveys
Collective Work
Beta Medical Publishers Ltd 2008
We Looked for Persons But Found Shadows. The Riddle of Drug Dependence
Mátsa, Katerína
Agra Publications 2001

Where is the solution to the mystery of drug addiction to be found? In what ways do society and social background influence the victim of drug addiction? Today all drugs, i.

Addictive Substances
Marsélos, Mários
Tipothito 1997
Garyfalákis, Giórgis
Verettas Books 1997
Addictive Substances and Orthodox Christian Upbringing in Childhood and Adolescence
Dourdoúni, Evangelía K.
Kyriakidi Bros 2001
Liáppas, Giánnis A.
Patakis Publishers 1999
Fotópoulos, Tákis
Eleftheros Typos 1999
On the Threshold of the Slow Death
Zampélis, Gerásimos
Apostoliki Diakonia tis Ekklisias tis Ellados 1995
Narcotics in Our Time
Sourétis, Giánnis
Privately Published 1993
Forbidden Substances
Spéntzos, Dimítris
Omvros Publications 1993

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