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     [200] Religion
     [220] Bible
       [221] Bible. O.T.
         [221] Bible. O.T. - Criticism, interpretation etc.
Holy Scripture and Globalization: Signs of Convergence and Divergence
Ioannídis, Thomás A.
Pournaras P. S. 2009
Introduction to the Old Testament
Kalantzákis, Stávros E.
Pournaras P. S. 2006
The Tradition of David in the Old Testament
Moúrtzios, Ioánnis Ch.
Pournaras P. S. 2006
Jubilee, Melchizedek and the Epistle to the Hebrews: A Contribution to the Formation of Christian Soteriology

Pournaras P. S. 2006
The Old Testament in Our Life
Athanasíou - Papathanasíou, Effimía
Apostoliki Diakonia tis Ekklisias tis Ellados 2000
Man Partook of Divine Destiny
Stournáras, Athanásios
Verettas Books 1999
Hermeneutic Analysis of Old Testament Passages
Kalantzákis, Stávros E.
Pournaras P. S. 1999
Armed Deceit
Kalópoulos, Michális Th.
Privately Published 1998
Kalokýris, Konstantínos D.
Abraham´s Fables
Sakellaríou, Cháris
Synchroni Epochi 1996
Ancient Greek Translations of the Old Testament
Chastoúpis, Athanásios P.
Privately Published 1989
The Old Testament in the Light of Criticism
Kordátos, Giánnis
Boukoumanis Publications 1973

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