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     [200] Religion
     [250] Christian Church and orders
       [255] Monasticism
The Presence of Monasticism in the Contemporary World

Holy Monastery of Koutloumousi 2011

As men in the trade go down naked into the deep of the sea, into the watery death, to find there pearls that will do for a royal crown, and purple dye, so those who embrace the single life go naked out of the world, and go down into the deep of the sea of evil and into the gulf of darkness, and from those depths they take and bring up precious stones suitable for the crown of Christ, for the heavenly church, for the new age, and the city of light, and a people of angels.

Woman in the eyes and the mind of the Orthodox monk
Michaíl, Monk

Twentieth century society achieved, to a certain extent, a great conquest; the reconciliation of the two sexes.

Memories of the Geron Sophronios of Essex
Davíti, Dímitra V.
Ricordando il Padre Sofronios di Essex
Davíti, Dímitra V.

"Per me, e una grande benedizione essere diventato Monaco".
A questa frase, gli occhi gli si riempirono di lacrime.

Orthodox Monasticism
Collective Work
Armos 1997
Monkish Life
Papadópoulos, Stylianós G.
Apostoliki Diakonia tis Ekklisias tis Ellados 1999
Agourídis, Sávvas Ch.
Ellinika Grammata 1997
Honey From Stone
Páschos, Pantelís V.
Akritas Publications 1996
Reflections of the Patristic Desert in the Contemporary World
Kornarákis, Ioánnis K.
Kyriakidi Bros 1982

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