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     [200] Religion
     [200] Religion - Generalities
       [200.9] Religion - History
History of the New Testament Era
Agourídis, Sávvas Ch.
Pournaras P. S. 2011
Footprints from the quest for the transcendant: A collection of studies and articles on the history of religions: Religion, hinduism, buddhism, islam, African religions, mysticism et al.
Anastásios Yannoulátos, Archbishop of Tirana and All Albania
Akritas Publications 2004
The Khazars and Byzantium: A historical and religious approach

Savvalas Editions 2003
Míni, Charíkleia
Archetypo Publications 2000
The foundation of the first christian community in Thessalonici: Comparative study on the acts of the Apostles 17: 1-10 and the 1 and 2 Thessalonians
Oikonómou, Chrístos K.
Pournaras P. S. 1999
Religious Reform in Biblical Israel
Moúrtzios, Ioánnis Ch.
Pournaras P. S. 1999
Jesus and Paul
Koútoulas, Diamantís
Dion 1997
The Figures of Ancient Gods on the Coinage of Constantine the Great (306-326 AD)
Christodoúlou, Dimítrios N.
Hellenic Numismatic Society 1998
Christianity Against Judaism and Hellenism in the 2nd Century AD
Agourídis, Sávvas Ch.
Ellinika Grammata 1997
Religious Studies. The Religion of Prehistoric Societies and Ancient Peoples
Ziákas, Grigórios D.
Kyriakidi Bros 1996
Ancient Religions and Christianity
Kordátos, Giánnis
Boukoumanis Publications 1973

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