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     [100] Philosophy
     [180] Philosophy, Ancient
       [185] Aristotelian philosophy
         [185] Aristotelian philosophy - Interpretation and criticism

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L' etica Aristotelica tra tradizione ed alcuni esiti della filosofia neogreca


La Dott.ssa A.P., dopo un lungo ed attento lavoro sulle opere di aristoteliche, rivela un altro Aristotele, soffermandosi anche a dati storico-politico e sociali.

The Philosopher, the Politician, the Tyrant
Psychopaídis, Kosmás
Polis Publishers 2006
Basic Principles of the Logic of Aristotle

Comparationes phylosophorum Aristotelis et Platonis. Liber primum

Aristotle on the Function of Tragic Poetry
Sifákis, G. M.
Crete University Press 2002

This is a study of the significance and social function of tragic poetry as understood and explained by Aristotle in his treatise On the Art of Poetry.

Plato and Aristotle
Katsimánis, Kyriákos S.
Gutenberg 2001

This book consists of a systematic philosophical elaboration of selected Platonic and Aristotelian texts, arranged around the idea of the watershed between ethics and politics.

Nicomachean Ethics
Zitros 2000
Aristotelian Tragic Catharsis
Chronópoulos, Kóstas G.
Kardamitsa 2000
Topics in Aristotelean Philosophy
Terézis, Chrístos A.
Tipothito 1998
Scholien und Glossen zu De partibus animalium des Aristoteles

Academy of Athens 2009

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