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Monologues and Handshakes
Papageorgíou, Kóstas G.
Alexandria 2003

This book consists of texts written over approximately a ten-year period. Texts about books, about people, or on subjects either purely, or quasi-poetical, through which the writer –at times sober, and at others involved and perplexed– has tried to sum up thoughts, impressions, feelings and sensations, gathered through reading, or through his experience of literary matters.

Best Poem of the Century
Apostólou, Spýros
Ypsilon 1999
Tomography of Poetic Speech
Nikorétzos, Dimítris
Entos Publications 1999

Six writers, Efi Elianou,Takis Varvitsiotis, Manto Zolotas, Dimitris Nikoretzos, E.Papachristou-Panou, Lena Pappas, T.

Temps et Poésie
Vitsaxís, Vasílis G.
Academy of Athens 1999
The Apocalypse Gives Birth to Names
Katsarós, Michális
Idmon Publications 1998
Elytis the Sun-Drinker
Zográfou, Lilí
Alexandria 1997
Kostas Karyotakis, Maria Polydouri and the Beginning of Contestation
Zográfou, Lilí
Alexandria 1996
Markídis, Mários
Ypsilon 1990
Odysseus Elytis: Roes, Esa, Nus and Miroltamity
Savvídis, Giórgos P.
Leskhi Press 1980

"others spelling out in chalk
words strange and enigmatic:


Report on Poetry
Vitsaxís, Vasílis G.
Ermis Ekdotiki 1977
In the Hall of Poetry
Karageorgíou, Tasoúla
Ellinika Grammata 2001
A Dialogue for Poetry
Seféris, Giórgos
Hestia Publishers 1988
Solomos and Heavenly Elevation
Karavías, Pános
Hestia Publishers 1977

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