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     [700] Fine arts
     [730] Sculpture
       [738] Ceramic art
         [738.495] Ceramic art, Greek
Rooftile and Brickworks Museum N. & S. Tsalapatas

ETBA Cultural Foundation 2009
La mer des dieux, des héros et des hommes dans l'art grec antique

Kapon Editions 2008
The Sea: Of Gods, Heroes and Men in Ancient Greek Art

Kapon Editions 2008
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: Greece: Athens, Benaki Museum
Sampetái, Viktoría V.
Academy of Athens 2006
La céramique des Ive – VIIIe siècles ap. J.-C. d’Eleutherna

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum
Koúrou, Nóta
Academy of Athens 2002
Byzantine Glazed Pottery in the Benaki Museum

Benaki Museum 1999

The catalogue of Byzantine Glazed Pottery in the Benaki Museum is not one of those glossy, voluminous publications that glorify subjects of ephemeral interest.

Ceramic Figures of Lesbos
Koutrís, Sofoklís
Indiktos 1999
Greek Ceramics
Korré, Katerína
Melissa Publishing House 1995
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum

Academy of Athens 1993
Last Poetters of the East Aegean

Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation
Catalogue of Casts of Exhibitions in the Museums of Greece
Collective Work
Ministry of Culture. Archaeological Receipts Fund 2004
Human-Shaped Pottery in Crete
Rethemiotákis, Giórgos
The Archaeological Society at Athens 1998
Greek Pottery
Foká, Ioánna E.
Kedros Publishers 1995
Ancient Greek Pots and Their World
Foká, Ioánna E.
Kedros Publishers 1990

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