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     [200] Religion
     [260] Christian social and ecclesiastical theology
       [262] Ecclesiology
         [262.8] Mount Athos

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Calendar 2014: Mount Athos

Militos 2013
Painting on Mount Athos in the Early 17th Century: Monk Daniel the Painter

Mount Athos


"Mount Athos, or the Holy Mountain. Its name contains two words: the word mountain—something you can climb with your feet, and the word holy— which you may 'ascend' through your prayer.

365 Mount Athos
Chatziantoníou, Faídon
Militos 2007
Athos, La Sainte Montagne: Tradition et renouveau dans l'art
Collective Work
National Hellenic Research Foundation. Institute for Byzantine Research 2007
Mount Athos 2008
Chatziantoníou, Faídon
Militos 2007
The beauty and grace of the Athonite footpaths

Recueil des inscriptions chrétiennes de l’ Athos
Collective Work
Agioritiki Estia [Mount Athos Centre] 2004
Diary 2004, Mouth Athos: The Kellia of Karyes

Agioritiki Estia [Mount Athos Centre] 2004
Calendar 2003, The Natural Beaty of Mount Athos

Agioritiki Estia [Mount Athos Centre] 2003

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