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     [300] Social sciences
     [300] Social sciences - Generalities
       [307] Communities
         [307.1] Urban development

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Open Cities

Buildings, Energy and the Environment
Collective Work

"... Six and a half billion people and counting. But all these people will need clean air to breath, clean water to drink, food, satisfactory accommodation, transportation, communication, and of cource tremendous amounts of energy.

Urban Void: Actions 1998-2006

Texts, Design Drawings, Settlements

Ikaros 2006
Social and Economic Atlas of Greece
Collective Work
National Centre for Social Research 2002

The first volume of the "Social and Economic Atlas of Greece" is devoted to urban areas. The main Greek cities, and Athens in particular, are extensively mapped, and interpretations are presented on important phenomena related to postwar urbanization.

La ville à l' époque moderne: Dimensions mediterranéennes et balkaniques XIXe-XXe siècles: Actes du IIe colloque international: Athènes, 27-30 Novembre 1997
Collective Work
The Social Organisation of Urban Space
Nikolaΐdou, Sília
Papazisis Publishers 1993
The Cities Tomorrow
Venéris, Giánnis
Livani Publishing Organization 1992
The Urban Apartment Building of Athens Between the Wars
Marmarás, Manólis V.
ETBA Cultural Foundation 1991
Urbanization in Arab Mediterranean Countries
Chálaris, Giórgos
Foundation for Mediterranean Studies 1989

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