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     [900] History. Geography
     [930] Archaeology. Antiquity. Greek history
       [938] Greece - History
         [938.022] Greece - History - Pictorial works

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A Greek Portfolio

Lambrakis Press S.A. 2013
Hellas 1964-1976

Gavriilidis Editions 2012
Aspects of Hellenic Photography: Currents of Classical Creation [1923-1969]

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography 2009
From the Seas... to the Skies: The Naval Air Force Chronicle 1913-1941

Hellenic Maritime Museum 2009
The Life of the Vlachs in 1900
Koukoúdis, Astérios I.
Kapon Editions 2008

The "Egnatia Epirus Foundation" recognizes, promotes and undersores the cultural legacy of the Vlachs as an integral part of our country, and believes the time is ripe for more systematic research and for a clearer presentation of both their historical and present-day self-perception, as well as the current position of the Latin-speaking Romiosyni (Modern Greeks).

Giannitsa: Historical Photographic Album

Balkan Wars: The Naval Struggle 1912-1913

Hellenic Maritime Museum 2007
The Greek Struggle for Macedonia through the Photographer's Lens 1904-1908
Goúnaris, Vasílis K.
Ephesus Publishing 2006
Pioneers of the Technical Civilization: From the Public Power Corporation of Greek Photographic Archive

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography 2006
Coasts of Asia Minor: Greek Memories

Ephesus Publishing 2006

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