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     [700] Fine arts
     [750] Painting
       [750] Painting - Addresses, essays, lectures
Les nachos de mon esprit

On Painting
Doxarás, Panagiótis
Ekati 2001
Chatzimichális, Giórgos
Agra Publications 1999
The Dionysian and Apollonian Elements as Aesthetic Categories in Salvator Dali´s Work
Palamiótou - Thomaΐdou, Konstantína
Panayotis and Effie Michelis Foundation 1998
Nikos Hatzikyriakos-Gikas, Teacher of Painting
Chatzikyriákos - Gkíkas, Níkos
National Technical University of Athens Press 1997
To Icon Painter Evangelos Mavrikakis
Kóntoglou, Fótis N.
Armos 1997
Marínis, Spýros
Armos 1996
The landscape of the God-trodden mount Sinai: A Greco's painting in the Historical Museum of Crete
Chatzidákis, Manólis
Society of Cretan Historical Studies 1994
Materials and Technique in Painting and Decoration
Plakotáris, Kóstas
Filippoti Editions 1995
Introducing Art Education
Mouzákis, Tásos
Privately Published 1995
Compendium 1967-1977
Pappás, Giánnis
Ikaros 1988
Realism, Eroticism and Transcendence in Painting
Patrikalákis, Faídon
Aegokeros 1988
Spaces of Freedom
Papadolampákis, Manólis
Kastaniotis 1983

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