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From Kleptocracy to Bankruptcy
Lygerós, Stávros
Patakis Publishers 2011

The crisis marks the collapse of a whole model of bogus growth which, as it turned out, was based on kleptocracy, waste, irrationalism, parasitism, lawlessness and impunity.

Can the Titanic Be Resqued?
Christodoulákis, Níkos M.
Polis Publishers 2011
The Spatial Distribution of Male and Female Employment and Unemployment in Greece

Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) 2008
A Regional Analysis of Declared Incomes in Greece

Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) 2006
The Competitiveness of the Greek Economy 2005


The Competitiveness of the Greek Economy is the first comprehensive survey of efforts in the Greek public and private sectors to modernise.

Essays in Economic Analysis: A Festschrift for the 45th Foundation Anniversary of KEPE

Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) 2004
Business Guide: Thessalonica

The Greek Economy After Accession to the EMU
Venizélos, Evángelos
Kastaniotis 2000
Finance Strategy of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Greece
Psimárni - Voúlgari, Foteiní
Klidarithmos 2000
The Age of the Euro and Greece
Doúkas, Pétros G.
Sideris I. Publications 1999

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