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     [300] Social sciences
     [330] Economics
       [338.9] Economic policy
         [338.94] Economic policy - Europe
           [338.949 5] Economic policy - Greece
             [338.949 5] Economic development - Greece

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Can the Titanic Be Resqued?
Christodoulákis, Níkos M.
Polis Publishers 2011
A History of Corinthian Currant: Through the Ages

Ephesus Publishing 2006
The Greek Economy 1940-2004


Greece's economic history reflects the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that have bedevilled the country ever since it bacame indepentent in 1832.

Manual for Foreign Investment in the Balkan Coutries
Chazákis, Konstantínos
Ziti Publications 2000

Foreign direct Investment, transition economies, Bulgarian economy, Romanian economy
The study reviews critically the post-socialist investment patterns of the transition economies in East Europe.

Development Policies for Border regions of the European Union
Tsétsis, Stávros Ch.
Papazisis Publishers 2000
Endogenous Tourist Development
Papadáki - Tzedáki, Stélla
Papazisis Publishers 1999
Capital Accumulation, Economic Consortia, and the Economic Elite
Tólios, Giánnis
Ellinika Grammata 1999
Development and Stabilisation of the Greek Economy
Vámvoukas, Geórgios A.
The Internationalisation of Greek Industry
Pelagídis, Theódoros K.
Exandas 1997
The Greek Economy
Vámvoukas, Geórgios A.

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