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         [791.402 2] Cinema - Pictorial works
El Greco

Militos 2010
Greek Open Air Cinemas = Cinema Grecs en plein air

The Dust of Time by Theo Angelopoulos

Militos 2009
Why Cinema Now?
Collective Work
Oxy Publications 2009
Dionysis Fotopoulos: Cinema
Collective Work
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2009
Theo Angelopoulos: The Making of "Dust of Time"
Collective Work
Militos 2008
Alter Ego

Livani Publishing Organization 2007
Photo Exhibition from the ERT Archives

International Short Film Festival in Drama 2005
Trilogy: Iphigenia, The Trojan Women, Electra
Kakogiánnis, Michális
Moving Landscapes
Sotiropoúlou, Chrysánthi
Metaichmio 2001

This book describes the way in which the post-war Greek cinema depicted the surrounding space. Through a brief exploration of typical films the book examines the special characteristics of Greek filmakers generally in relation to their American and European counterparts as regards the use of urban and natural landscapes.

Moving Landscapes
Sotiropoúlou, Chrysánthi
Metaichmio 2001
Stop Carre
Koúndouros, Níkos
Kastaniotis 1998
The Magic of Musicals
Triantafyllídis, Iáson
Alexander the Great Close Up
Ziákas, Giórgos
Themelio 1995

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