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         [792] Theater - Interpretation and criticism

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Conversing Images: Photography and Surrealist Aesthetics on the Stage Writing of Sosìetas Raffaello Sanzio
Tsatsoúlis, Dimítris
Papazisis Publishers 2012
The Theatre Crisis
Varvéris, Giánnis
Alexandria 2003

In this fourth volume, the poet John Varveris, has collected all his texts on theatre critique from 1994 to 2003.

The political Shakespeare
Plorítis, Mários
Kastaniotis 2002

This study focuses on the hotly-debated political aspect of Shakespeare’s work: while many scholars argue that the playwright championed absolute monarchy, order, and a rigid social hierarchy and despised the common people, others paint him as a scathing critic of authority, who saw the exercise of power as a necessary evil that had been responsible, over the ages, for a great deal of misery and suffering for the peoples of the world.

The Announcement
Véltsos, Giórgos
Plethron 2000
Iacovos Campanellis
Pefánis, Giórgos P.
Kedros Publishers 2000
Of Scene and of Art
Plorítis, Mários
Kastaniotis 2000
From Strindberg and Checkov to Pirandello and Brecht
Georgousópoulos, Kóstas
Patakis Publishers 1999
Theatre in Crisis
Varvéris, Giánnis
Theatre Square
Varvéris, Giánnis
Theatre in Crisis
Varvéris, Giánnis
Hestia Publishers 1991

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