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Language, Education and Politics
Stavrídi - Patrikíou, Réna
Olkos Publishers 2009
A Century of Greece
Brisími - Maráki, Eiríni
Kastaniotis 2000

A lot has been written about twentieth-century Greece. What is it then that makes this book different from others treating the same subject? Surely, it cannot simply be the fact that it is addressed to students of secondary education, since this specific reading public is the target of many other books.

Programmes and Activities in the State Operated Kindergardens of the Ministry of Health and Welfare
Papathanasíou, Antónis
Tipothito 2000
After the Amphitheatre
Papadópoulos, Michális
Ianos 2000
Law 1268/82 and Later Amendments Concerning the Universities
Bénos, Sotírios E.
Contemporary Education Policy Topics
Stamélos, Giórgos
Armos 1999
Greek State
Tsátsos, Dimítris Th.
Kastaniotis 1998
The Creative Assignment in the School Program
Collective Work
The Teacher´s Knowledge
Lykiardopoúlou, Klaíri
Megas Seirios 1994
Analyses and Tomes on Education Issues
Katsimánis, Kyriákos S.
Epikairotita 1985

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