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Ezerstenia, the Awakening of the Second Earth


"Imagine what it would feel like if you lived on a planet that only offered partial, or no free will at all.

Atlantis Never Lost


"...on the island of Atlantis there was a great and incredible empire..."
(Plato: Timaeus)

What could cosmopolitan Santorini and the lost Atlantis possibly have in common?

The Negative Side of a Lifetime

Malliaris Paedia Publications 2010

This book is about the story of a young American adventurer, the son of a billionaire. He arrives in a European country with a view to overthrowing the government and overtaking his father's business.

300: The Hunt for Ephialtes

Libro Publishers 2009

The Spartans may be thought of as the Samurais of the Western World. They led a frugal life, trained daily for battle and war, and sought to attain knowledge and divinity through a frugal and abstinent life.

The Quest
Thémelis, Níkos
Kedros Publishers 2008

The novel encompasses the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. Nikos, a young man, the son of a rich merchant who has eloped with the daughter of his business partner, leaves his Zagoria village in the Epirus region of north-west Greece in search of a better fate.

When Greece Turn into a Little Japan
Mourdoukoútas, Pános
Klidarithmos 2004
Kyriazís, Níkos K.

Artbazos, now satrap of Daskyleion, continues his narrative begun in "Artabazos the Persian". On the first line of Persia's defense against the Greek counterattack, he struggles to confront the Greeks as well as his personal foes in Persia.

Come Forth, King
Doúka, Máro
Kedros Publishers 2003

Who was Alexius Comnenus who would wage war in East and West to save Byzantium from the edge of the abyss? Who were the woman who loved him? Who was it who tried to poison him? Why did his daughter, Anna Comnena, hate her brother, John, the co-Emperor? Why did his wife, Irene Duca, promote Nicephorus Bryennius for the throne?

The Sacred Child
Theodorídis, Pános
Kedros Publishers 2003

1339. A dark and difficult time. Romania is rent by disputes among warring royal houses striving for ascendancy.

Iconostasis of Anonymous Saints
Rítsos, Giánnis
Kedros Publishers 2001

This work of Ritsos, is it a novel with an emphatic question-mark added by the poet himself? Is it a roman fleuve in the sense of Proust's Remembrance of Things Past? Is it a wild prose-poetic fling in a "sarcastic climate"? Or is it an autobiography of Greece' s most human poet, whom Aragon hailed a s the "greatest poetof his time"? And what about the strange title? How are the established Orthodox saints, traditionally decorating the panels near the altar, how are they replaced by anonymous human beings? - everyday people from Ritsos' neighbourhood;

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