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         [882] Greek drama - Interpretation and criticism
Mythical Subjects with a Dramatic Mask
Christópoulos, Menélaos
Ellinika Grammata 2000

The author treats the thematic, linguistic, and structural elements of four dramas of the classical era, and attempts to answer the questions arising from the specific use of the mythological material in the four plays.

There is Always Buthoe
Katsimpárdis, Giórgos K.
Livani Publishing Organization 2000
The Three Great Tragedians: Euripides, Sophocles, Aeschylus
Krevvatás, Dimítris K.
Kastaniotis 1999

The tragic poets, profoundly knowledgeable and interpreters of social phenomena, approaching them give the perfect dimensions of characters and actions through a prism of a universal perception of man and the social context of his time.

From the World of the Ancients
Kakridís, Ioánnis Th.
Hestia Publishers 1989
Ancient Tragedy and Comedy
Kordátos, Giánnis
Boukoumanis Publications 1974

Tragedy was closely related to the cult of Dionysos, which took
all human beings away from the conventional life of the cities

Discourse on Spectacle: Theatre Reviews
Pagkourélis, Váios
Ellinika Grammata 2001
Le messager dans la tragedie grecque
Stefanís, Athanásios D.
Academy of Athens 1997
Ancient Drama
Dromázos, Státhis I.
Kedros Publishers 1993
The Quintessence of Aristotle´s Poetics
Maragkákis, Emmanouíl N.
Parallel Development in 4th C. Post-Classical Tragedy and Comedy
Xantháki - Karamánou, Georgía
Kardamitsa 1991
Mimic and Mimics
Plorítis, Mários
Kastaniotis 1990
Ancient Drama
Dromázos, Státhis I.
Kedros Publishers 1984
An Interpretation of Andromache
Efstratiádis, Avrílios

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