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     [930] Archaeology. Antiquity. Greek history
       [938] Greece - History
         [938.7] Greece - History - 1914-1974
           [938.77] Greece - History - Civil war, 1944-1949
             [938.770 92] Greece - History - Civil war, 1944-1949 - Personal narratives

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A2: 20 and One Witness Accounts of the Civil War
Apostolídis, Rénos I.
Hestia Publishers 2007

Α2 was Renos's most combative literary work. Its aim was to use the revolutionary charge that brought to mind the harpies of the Civil War lying buried deep in the dungeons of the Tower of Authority, in order precisely to set it off! It was first published in 1968.

Partisans on Agrafa Mountains (1946-1950)
Psimménos, Tákis
Synchroni Epochi 2007
292 Days After Grammos-Vitsi
Trikalinós, Giórgis Ch.
Synchroni Epochi 2007
Chronicle of an Epopee
Apostolópoulos, Vasílis
Synchroni Epochi 2006
The Printzou Trial and Executed Prisoners in Ioannina
Ergolávos, Spýros
The Invisible Side of the Civil War
Gkagkoúlias, Giórgos D.
Iolkos Publications 2001
Chatzís, Dimítris
To Rodakio 2000
Young Partisan in the Greek Democratic Army DSE
Gerozísis, Triantáfyllos A.
Synchroni Epochi 2000
A Soldier in the Civil War
Mavroskoúfis, Dimítris K.
Kyriakidi Bros 2000
Alienation 68-69
Anagnostákis, Manólis A.
Nefeli 2000

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