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Fighting in Messolonghi: The Life and Times of Thanassis Razikotsikas, 1798-1826
Svolópoulos, Konstantínos D.
Hestia Publishers 2007

Thanassis Razikotsikas was the chief of the Messolongian fighters during the Greek War for Independence and was the first to fall, at the age of twenty-eight, on 11 April 1826, when the besieged carried out their heroic exodus.

The Death of Karaiskakis
Stamélos, Dimítris
Hestia Publishers 2000
Georgios Karaiskakis
Ainián, Dimítrios
Vergina Assimakopouli Bros 1998
Political Men of 1821
Goúdas, Anastásios
Vergina Assimakopouli Bros 1997
Chrysanthópoulos, Fótios
Vergina Assimakopouli Bros 1996
Rhigas Velestinlis
Woodhouse, C. M.

Rhigas of Velestino (1757-1798) is one of the great national heroes of modern Greece, for it was he who some thirty years before the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence in 1821 first conceived the possibility of a full-scale national revolution to free Greece from the domination of its Ottoman overlords.

Fotiádis, Dimítris A.
S. J. Zacharopoulos S.A. 1995
Odysseas Androutsos
Goúdas, Anastásios
Vergina Assimakopouli Bros 1997
Chieftains of Central Greece in 1821
Goúdas, Anastásios
Vergina Assimakopouli Bros 1997
The Memoirs of General Giannis Macrygiannis
Makrygiánnis, Ioánnis
Papyros Press 1996
Ainián, Dimítrios
Hestia Publishers 1974
Tsélalis, Agisílaos A.
Yanikos B. - Kaldis B. 1962
Warriors of 1821 Album
Láppas, Tákis

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