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     [400] Language
     [400] Language - Generalities
       [404] Language - Addresses, essays, lectures
Kargákos, Sarántos I.
Gutenberg 2005

'Alalia', or 'muteness' refers to a "vocal" inability, specifically the inability to vocalise Greek.

Les langues classiques: La gestion d'un capital culturel
Collective Work
Center for the Greek Language 2004
Skartsís, Sokrátis L.
Ellinika Grammata 2002
The Problem of Translation
Kakridís, Ioánnis Th.
Hestia Publishers 2000
Scholars and Languages of the 14th Century
Zampélios, Spyrídon
Indiktos 1998
Te Punctuation Mark
Tsirópoulos, Kóstas E.
Efthini 1984
For the Demotic Greek Language
Collective Work

Language Development in Children
Vótsos, Ioánnis D.
Ziti Publications 1992
The Way of Language, and Other Imprints
Nikolaΐdis, Aristotélis Th.
Hestia Publishers 1987
Linguistic Investigations
Chatzidákis, Geórgios N.
Academy of Athens 1980
Language and Journalism
Dízelos, Thalís
Papazisis Publishers 1976

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