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Maria Explores the City of Water
Kásdaglis, Níkos
International Writers and Translator's Centre of Rhodes 2009

Nuclear weapons cannot be used for peaceful purposes. They are lethal. A defensive nuclear instrument is a contradiction in terms.

The Joy is in the Journey
Megálou - Seferiádi, Lía
Kedros Publishers 2001

This "healing" book plunges the reader in a world full of sea, colours, light and cool breeze that portray the many facets of Greek life, and at the same time gives simple, every day, apparently unimportant facts their real value.

Mother Thessaloniki
Pentzíkis, Nikos Gavriíl
Kedros Publishers 1998

A nice book this about the mother city. It consists of pieces written by Nikos Gabriel Pentzikis. Most modern Greek writers, most distinctly Greek, Pentzikis assembles his pieces so that, beginning in alienation, with the recalcitrance and transience of things, the casual cruelties of space and time, they reach out, through the luminous orthodox immanences of the past, the reverberations of hisotrical memory, towards an inclusive desity of present experience.

Red Dyed Hair
Mourselás, Kóstas
Kedros Publishers 1997

Emmanuel Retsinas (call him Louis) flows like a river in full flood through "Red dyed head" the brilliant first novel by Greek playwright Kostas Mourselas.

Kotziás, Aléxandros
Kedros Publishers 1997
Fakínou, Evgenía
Kedros Publishers 1992
Koumantaréas, Ménis
Kedros Publishers 1991
The Builders
Cheimonás, Giórgos
Kedros Publishers 1991

Giorgos Heimonas was born in Kavala in 1938 and died in Paris in 2000. He studied psychiatry at the University of Athens and the University of Paris, and he lived in both Athens and Paris;

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