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         [320.5] Political ideology - Addresses, essays, lectures
Guerilla Installation

Traces of Yesterday With Vision on Tomorrow
Magkákis, Geórgios - Aléxandros
Papazisis Publishers 1997
Democratic Capitalism and the Society of Knowledge
Andrianópoulos, Andréas
Libro Publishers 1997
Newsreels from the Past
Sklávos, Kóstas
Themelio 1996
Imperial Reality
Katsarós, Michális
Idmon Publications 1995
The Greek Dilemma
Antonópoulos, Ioánnis E.
Privately Published 1995
Lámprou, Dimítris I.
Davlos 1981
Andreas Papandreou the Large, the Small
Sotirópoulos, Sotíris Ch.
Thoughts of a Bandit, or the Condemnation of Society
Paparrigópoulos, Dimítrios
Eleftheros Typos 1996
Capitalist Exploitation in Greece
Georgiádis, Alékos
Synchroni Epochi 1987
Lenin on Democracy
Sárlis, Dimítris
Synchroni Epochi 1987
Art and Ideology
Kotziás, Níkos
Synchroni Epochi 1984
About Ideology
Avgéris, Márkos
Synchroni Epochi 1981
Ideological Topics
Imvriótis, Giánnis
Synchroni Epochi 1981

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