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     [300] Social sciences
     [340] Law
       [345] Criminal law
         [345.03] Crime and criminals
The Law of the Lawless
Sopasís, Polýdoros

The author, a rebellious and incredibly adventurous spirit, migrated at the age of twenty from his native Crete to the USA.

Criminal - Psychotic Patient

Ianos 2002

Nowadays, there is a constant increase in cases of counselors of perpetrators of serious crimes, who seek psychiatric expert evidence for their clients, with the aim to avoid responsibility for their clients’ hideous actions.

Jurisprudential Aspects of Professional and Habitual Crime
Symeonídis, Dimítrios G.
Sakkoulas S.A. 2000
Money Laundering
Kátsios, Stávros A.
Sakkoulas S.A. 1998
The Criminality of Emigrants in Greece
Karýdis, Vasílis Ch.
Papazisis Publishers 1996
The Concept of Professional and Habitual Crime
Symeonídou - Kastanídou, Elisávet
Sakkoulas S.A. 1990
Prison Regulations.
Alexiádis, Stérgios A.
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 2000
Tsigkrís, Ángelos A.
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 1996
Victimology and Aspects of Victimisation
Artinopoúlou, Váso
Nomiki Vivliothiki 1996
Crimes Against Life
Symeonídou - Kastanídou, Elisávet
Sakkoulas S.A. 1995
Social Reaction to Crime, and its Limits
Farsedákis, Iákovos I.
Nomiki Vivliothiki 1991
The Substance-Addicted Criminal
Karámpelas, Lámpros D.
Nomiki Vivliothiki 1988

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