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     [930] Archaeology. Antiquity. Greek history
       [938] Greece - History
         [938.6] Greece - History - 1830-
           [938.6] Greece - History - 1900-
The Life of the Vlachs in 1900
Koukoúdis, Astérios I.
Kapon Editions 2008

The "Egnatia Epirus Foundation" recognizes, promotes and undersores the cultural legacy of the Vlachs as an integral part of our country, and believes the time is ripe for more systematic research and for a clearer presentation of both their historical and present-day self-perception, as well as the current position of the Latin-speaking Romiosyni (Modern Greeks).

Penelope Delta
Tselíka, Valentíni
Olkos Publishers 2006

Her significant literary presence marked the Greek letters in the first half of the 20th century; she was mainly distinguished as a writer of children’s books.

The Greek Struggle for Macedonia through the Photographer's Lens 1904-1908
Goúnaris, Vasílis K.
Ephesus Publishing 2006
History of Modern Greece
Vournás, Tásos
Patakis Publishers 1998
Nation Under a Shadow
Karkavítsas, Andréas
Roes 1998
Glory and Division
Enepekídis, Polychrónis K.
S. J. Zacharopoulos S.A. 1992
Female Civil Servants
Avdelá, Éfi
Comprehensive History of Greece
Kordátos, Giánnis
Argyrópoulos, Periklís I.
Arsenidis 1996
The Last Fighter Costas Boukouvalas
Mavríkios, P. I.
Livani Publishing Organization 1993
The Young Turks and Macedonia
Vakalópoulos, Konstantínos A.
Kyriakidi Bros 1988
National Subordination in the Years of Division
Delagrammátikas, Giánnis
Synchroni Epochi 1985
Greece in 1910-1920
Ventíris, Geórgios
Ikaros 1970
Greece in 1910-1920
Ventíris, Geórgios
Ikaros 1970

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