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     [300] Social sciences
     [340] Law
       [347.05] Civil procedure

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Festschrift für Panagiotis A. Kargados
Arvanitákis, Páris S.
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 2004
Gerichts und Notariats-Ordnung (Beilage zu Nr. 13 des Regierungsblattes). Gesetzbuch ueber das civil-Verfahren (Beilage zu Nr. 22. des Regierungsblattes)
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 2001
Jurisprudential Topics on Property Claims
Pípsou, Lída Th.
Sakkoulas S.A. 2000
Indefinite Treatment and its Therapeutic Potential
Makrídou, Kalliópi Th.
Sakkoulas S.A. 1998
Sanctions Law
Gésiou - Faltsí, Pelagía
Sakkoulas S.A. 1998
Compulsory Action
Gésiou - Faltsí, Pelagía
Sakkoulas S.A. 1998
Compulsory Execution Law as Amended by Law 2298/95

Sakkoulas S.A. 1997
Trial in Absentia According to Civil Procedure

Sakkoulas S.A. 1997
Reinstatement and Compensation after Distraint
Apalagáki, Charíkleia A.
Sakkoulas S.A. 1994
The Plea of Pendency in Civil Trials
Níkas, Nikólaos Th.
Sakkoulas S.A. 1991

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