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Aris, Lord of the Mountains
Charitópoulos, Dionýsis

This book is a torn page from the History of World War II. It cost the author 20 years of research. It cost the Greek National Resistance thousands of dead and wounded in battles and acts of sabotage that have remained unsung.

Perikles Xanthippou
Collective Work
The Acropolis Museum 2010
The Portraits of Makarios

Theophano: The Byzantine Empress of Germany Ambassadress of Byzantine Culture to the West

Calendar 2008, Che

Malliaris Paedia Publications 2007
Nicos Zachariadis
Rodákis, Periklís D.
Epikairotita 2007
Sotiris L. Tsitsipis, the Hero of Locris
Pentedékas, Kóstas D.
Entos Publications 2004

The life and action of Sotiris L.Tsitsipis, The heroic Lokros, officer in the Greek Army, of the National People's Liberating Army (ELAS) and the Greek Republican Army (DSE), who fought selflesly against the Germans, in order to be imprisoned by the post-Liberation Greek governments, who sentenced and executed him, for "high treason".

Aris: Leader of the Greek Resistance
Charitópoulos, Dionýsis
Ellinika Grammata 2003

Aris Velouhiotis, the celebrated resistance leader and military genius, is the most compelling figure in modern Greek history.

Alexander Helladius the Larissaean: International conference: Larissa, 4-5 September 1999: Proceedings

Homage to Rhigas Velestinlis: Proceedings of the International Two-Day Conference Honouring the Bicentennial of the Death of Rhigas Velestinlis: Athens, 21 0 22 September 1998

Akritas Publications 2002

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