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The Child that Run Away with Holly Baby


“The day I took with me holly baby was cold. This is why I’ ve hidden him in my jacket’s pocket. Once in a while, I secretly put my hand in my pocket and tenderly caress his head so as not to worry.

The Labour Movement and the Myth of Sisyphus
Koukoulés, Giórgos F.
Odysseas 2000
The Teachers´ Left Wing Front Between the Wars
Katsantónis, Ioánnis
Synchroni Epochi 1998
The Greek trade union movement at the end of the twentieth century
Analytís, Níkos
Gutenberg 1997
The Contemporary Union Movement in Greece
Katsanévas, Thódoros K.
Papazisis Publishers 1996
The Greek Trade Union Movement and Foreign Interventions 1944-1948
Koukoulés, Giórgos F.
Odysseas 1995
For a History of the Greek Trade Union Movement
Koukoulés, Giórgos F.
Odysseas 1994
Trade Unionism in Greek Business
Nikolópoulos, Andréas G.
Papazisis Publishers 1987
The Trade Union Movement 1981-1986
Koukoulés, Giórgos F.
Odysseas 1986
Trade Unionism and Social Reaction 1947-1987
Chatzivasileíou, Oréstis

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