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Tools of Tradition: The Collection of Pavlos Condellis
Giannopoúlou, Mimíka
Kapon Editions 2013
The Greek Chest

Kapon Editions 2011

The chest was, for hundreds of years, the sole piece of storage furniture in the Greek house. In it were kept the family's most precious possessions, clothing, linen, jewellery, embroideries, tools, weapons, money, even foodstuffs and drinks.

Santouri of Lesvos: Tunes and Dances of Lesvos
Kofterós, Dimítris V.
Koroneiko Symposium: Traditional Recipes and Customs of Koroni

"Panegyria" in the Aegean

Hellenic Traditional Costumes: Thessaly
Papageorgíou, Gísis
Militos 2011

Olkos Publishers 2011

A voyage in the times of the traditional knockers that decorate the doors of buildings of the mainland and of the islands of Greece.

Hellenic Traditional Costumes: Macedonia
Papageorgíou, Gísis
Militos 2010
Hellenic Traditional Costumes: Thrace
Papageorgíou, Gísis
Militos 2010
Volaxian Basketweavers: A monotechnic village in Tinos


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