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All About Your Baby

Psichogios 2006

A book that includes essential information about your child from its birth until the age of 3. Subjects such as child development, correct diet, immunization, childhood illnesses and their symptoms, medical emergencies as well as more general topics (teething, sun protection, sleep, safety rules, and others) are presented in a detailed and comprehensible manner.

We and Our Child
Matsaniótis, N.
Christakis 2000
Family Library
Georgantá, Émmy
Fytrakis 1999
On the Glass Dance-floor of Pain
Papaïoánnou - Stavropoúlou, Ntémi
Akritas Publications 1999
The Family Library
Georgantá, Émmy
Fytrakis 1996
Topics in Knowledge Development, Learning and Evaluation
Varnáva - Skoúra, Tzéla
Papazisis Publishers 1994
Student Performance in Primary School and the Treatment of Learning Difficiulties
Tsiligkíroglou - Fachantídou, Ánna
The Child, her Care and her Problems
Pallídis, Símos G.
Child Psychology
Krasanákis, Geórgios E.
Privately Published 1996
Family Library
Georgantá, Émmy
Fytrakis 1996
Childhood Development and Health
Tsiligkíroglou - Fachantídou, Ánna
Language Development in Children
Vótsos, Ioánnis D.
Ziti Publications 1992
Introduce Your Child to the Joy of Games
Kalýva, Elpída
Papazisis Publishers 1992
From Mother To Mother
Vardí, Ánna María
Livani Publishing Organization 1988

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