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Sketches of Skiathos

Assassins of Athens

Aikaterini Lalaouni Editions 2010

When the body of a boy from one of Greece's most prominent families turns up dead in a dumpster in one of Athens' worst neighborhoods, Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis of the Greek Police's Special Crimes Division is certain there's a message in the murder.

The Art of Veiling: Discipline


Winning the battle at the Pass of Pyle does not seem to bring any chance for respite or celebration for the defending Tripatrian army.

Murder in Mykonos

Aikaterini Lalaouni Editions 2008

"When politically incorrect, hotshot detective Andreas Kaldis is promoted out of Athens to serve as police chief for Greece's island paradise of Mykonos, he's certain his homicide days are over.

The Art of Veiling


When Themya Daryan's gift of magic manifests itself, family circumstances make her see it as a curse instead of a blessing.

Wood to Glass


To escape an arranged marriage against which her whole existence rebels, Dawn decides to take her life in her own hands.

Three quarrels and a mischief

Conversations with a Caryatid

Livani Publishing Organization 2003

One day, in the British Museum, as Sophia starts to draw a Caryatid, she is stunned as she hears the statue introducing itself.

Follow the Wind
Dallas - Damis, Athina
Aegeas 2002

The exciting adventures that begun, with "Island of the winds" and "Windswept", continue, as Helena is finally reunited with her exiled son Joseph.

William S. Burroughs
Bampasákis, Giórgos - Íkaros
Oxy Publications 2000
Aphrodite's Island
Garcia, Andrew - John
Efstathiadis Group 1998
Thornton Wilder a Nostalgia for the Antique
Koutsoudáki, María
Yanikos B. - Kaldis B. 1994

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