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     [900] History. Geography
     [920] Biographies
       [928] Persons in literature, history, biography
         [928] Papadiamantis, Alexandros, 1851-1911

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Calendar 2011

The Nightingales’ Treasure and Other Stories
Papadimitrakópoulos, Ilías Ch.
Gavriilidis Editions 2009

The losses, dramas and enthusiasms, great and small, of everyday life in the Greek provinces after the Second World War come to life in this collection of short stories.

Unexplored Sides of Alexander Papadiamantis's Life
Fragkoúlas, Io. N.
Iolkos Publications 2002

There are many books which refer to the life and work of Alexander Papadiamantis - the holy man of Greek Letters.

Papadiamantis and the West
Progkídis, Lákis
Hestia Publishers 2002

Almost a century after his death, Papadiamantis continues to be the most widely discussed author since the creation of the Modern Greek State.

Narrative Techniques in Papadiamantis
Farínou - Malamatári, Georgía
Kedros Publishers 2001
Alexandros Papadiamantis
Diamantópoulos, Aléxis
Nefeli 2000
Nature and Love in Papadiamantis
Zamárou, Réna
Nefeli 2000
The Social Position of Women in the Works of Papadiamantis
Gkasoúka, María
Filippoti Editions 1998
With the Characters of Alexandros Papadiamantis
Molinós, Stratís A.
Filippoti Editions 1998
The Magic of Papadiamantis
Elýtis, Odysséas
Ypsilon 1996

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