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       [889] Greek literature, Modern
         [889.09] Greek literature, Modern - History and criticism
           [889.09] Greek literature, Modern - Interpretation and criticism

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Glossary for the Poems of Nicos Kavvadias
Trápalis, Giórgos
Agra Publications 2010
D'une frontière à l'autre: Mouvements de fuites, mouvements discontinus dans le monde Néo-Hellénique: Présences Néo-Helléniques dans les pays Francophones Ici-Maintenant et ailleurs
Collective Work
Gavriilidis Editions 2009
The Nightingales’ Treasure and Other Stories
Papadimitrakópoulos, Ilías Ch.
Gavriilidis Editions 2009

The losses, dramas and enthusiasms, great and small, of everyday life in the Greek provinces after the Second World War come to life in this collection of short stories.

Petros Pikros: 1894-1956: Enlistment, Confrontation and Bitterness in Literature of the Interwar Period
Bártzis, Giánnis D.
Interkulturalitaet im Werk von D. Chatzis: Das doppelte Buch

Kyriakidi Bros 2006
Leaves of Tobacco
Nóllas, Dimítris
Hestia Publishers 2005
The Poetics of Love in the Works of Andreas Empirikos
Anagnostopoúlou, Diamánti
Ypsilon 2005
Makriyannis and the Scandal
Koúsoulas, Loukás
Nefeli 2005
Where did the old year go?
Varíkas, Vásos
Ermis Ekdotiki 2004
Marios Hakkas. Approaches to his prose
Repoúsis, Giórgos Ch.
Metaichmio 2004

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