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(2011) To the Life of Moses , Gregory of Nyssa
(2010) The Lives of Women Saints in the Orthodox Church , Gkanoúri, Eléni D.
(2004) Petit guide de la Santé aux torpiques= A small health quide for the tropics , Piperáki, Evangelía - Theofanó
(2004) Pindare Olympiques , Pindar
(2003) The service of the Akathist Hymn to the Mother of God
(2002) Jubilee
(2001) The Pain , Kounávi, Georgía P.
(2001) Church Property , Lékkos, Evángelos P.
(2000) Live Images , Dionýsios L. Psarianós, Metropolitan of Servia and Kozani
(2000) I am An Orthodox Christian , Efthymios Stylios, Bishop of Achelous
(2000) Church and Law , Marínos, Anastásios N.
(2000) Parish , Metallinós, Geórgios D.
(2000) The Church of Greece , Chrysostomos Papadopoulos, Archbishop of Athens and of all Greece
(2000) The Old Testament in Our Life , Athanasíou - Papathanasíou, Effimía
(2000) Jesus Christ , Lékkos, Evángelos P.
(2000) Cosmas the Aetolian , Trítos, Michaíl, G.
(2000) Speech of Responsibility , Christodoulos, Archbishop of Athens and All of Greece
(2000) Tropical Diseases , Piperákis, Geórgios Emmanouíl
(2000) The Orthodox Way to Political Power , Bougátsos, Nik. Th.
(2000) A Panorama of 20 Centuries of Christianity , Lékkos, Evángelos P.
(2000) Supplication Canon to the Virgin Mary , Gerásimos Mikragiannanítis, Monk
(2000) On the Threshold of the Great Lent
(2000) Thine Own of Thine Own , Theodórou, Andréas
(2000) The Holy Dodecameron , Nomikós, Andréas N.
(1999) St. John Chrysostom , Papadópoulos, Stylianós G.
(1999) St. John Chrysostom , Papadópoulos, Stylianós G.
(1999) Adam's Lamentation
(1999) Answers To Responsible Parents , Antonios I. Stylianakis, Archimandrite
(1999) The Asmatic Service on the Completion of 2000 Years From the Birth of Christ , Nikodemos, Metropolitan of Patras
(1999) The Asmatic Service of St. Chrysostom, Bishop of Smyrna and Hieromartyr , Nikodemos, Metropolitan of Patras
(1999) Life and Polity of St. Euthymius the Great , Symeon the Metaphrast
(1999) Life and Polity of the Holy Theodosius Koenobiarchus , Symeon the Metaphrast
(1999) For a Better Communication , Gregory of Nyssa
(1999) Awareness of God , Nikolaos,Metropolitan of Fthiotida
(1999) Suspended Hellenism , Metallinós, Geórgios D.
(1999) The Church In the World , Metallinós, Geórgios D.
(1999) Chaidoula , Kouvaliá - Goumenopoúlou, María
(1999) Job , Moustákis, Vasílis
(1999) Well-Established , Christodoulos, Archbishop of Athens and All of Greece
(1999) May Your Child Live Long! , Christodoulos, Archbishop of Athens and All of Greece
(1999) Legal-Canonical Answers To Questions of Mission Abroad , Boúmis, Panagiótis I.
(1999) Monkish Life , Papadópoulos, Stylianós G.
(1999) Lives of Saints , Galanós, Michaíl I.
(1999) Lives of Saints , Galanós, Michaíl I.
(1999) The Last Argonauts , Boútsikas, Andréas V.
(1999) Vigil Service , Státhis, Grigórios Th.
(1999) About Soul Care , Nektarios, Metropolitan of Pentapolis
(1999) The Charisma of Virginity , John Chrysostom
(1998) Astrology , Danézis, Mános
(1998) Autobiographical Pages and Selection of Texts of St. John Chrysostom , John Chrysostom

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