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(2013) Language and Communication Needs Analysis
(2013) The Earthquakes of Cyprus , Collective Work
(2012) European Cartography and Politics: The Case of Macedonia , Livierátos, Evángelos
(2009) Aspects of Healing Environments , Collective Work
(2009) Architecture 2001-2004: Diploma Projects
(2009) Architecture 2004-2005: Diploma Projects
(2007) Earthquake Resistant Construction , Anastasiádis, Kyriákos
(2007) Transparency and Architecture: Challenging the Limits
(2007) Mediterranean Tourism Beyond the Coastline: New Trends in Tourism and the Social Organisation of Space , Collective Work
(2006) Gender Studies: Trends/Tensions in Greece and Other European Countries , Collective Work
(2005) Be Shadowed by Real Time
(2003) Geographical Information Systems , Styliádis, Athanásios D.
(2003) From Stars to Earth and Culture: In Honour of the Memory of Professor Alexandros Tsioumis
(2003) Father Christmas's magic car=Das magische Auto des Weihnachtsmannes
(2003) Father Christmas's magic car=Das magische Auto des Weihnachtsmannes
(2002) English for Mathematics
(2002) Management
(2002) Nonsmooth/Nonconvex Mechanics with Applications in Engineering
(2002) THE Coatings in Manufacturing Engineering and EUREKA Partnering Event
(2002) Programming the User Interface in Human-computer Interaction: A Computing GIS Perspective , Styliádis, Athanásios D.
(2002) Exercises in Differential and Integral Calculus of Multiple Variable Functions , Athanasiádis, Andréas G.
(2002) Texts of Modern Greek Literature (For C Class - General Education ) , Farmákis, Dimítris K.
(2002) On Rhodes in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries , Tsirpanlís, Zacharías N.
(2002) The Delphic Oracle , Karadimitríou, A. K.
(2001) Memoirs of a Doctor
(2001) Principles of Economic Theory , Vlachópoulos, Stérgios
(2001) Archetypes , Yfantís, Giánnis
(2001) Architecture: Diploma Projects 97-98, 98-99
(2001) Exercises in Operations Research, Volume 1 , Vasileíou, P. - Ch. G.
(2001) Basic Computability Theory , Chartónas, Ch.
(2001) Didactics of Ancient Greek Language (From Prototype and Translation) Theory and Action , Karadimitríou, A. K.
(2001) Population Dynamics, Part II Discrete Models , Kyventídis, Thomás A.
(2001) Modern Language Expression - Composition for The 2nd Class of High School
(2001) New Greek Language for 3rd Year Gymnasium , Savváki, Chrysí
(2001) Difference Equations and Discrete Systems , Kyventídis, Thomás A.
(2001) Applied Mathematical Programming , Vasileíou, P. - Ch. G.
(2001) The Teaching Method of Composition - Expression, B and C Class. Techniques of The Production of Speech , Farmákis, Dimítris K.
(2001) The Revolution of Zealots in Thessaloniki (1342-1349)
(2001) The Origin of Life , Kyriakídis, D. A.
(2001) Art and Technique of Paragraph -Making. Structure and Contents of Paragraph , Farmákis, Dimítris K.
(2001) Calculus of Differential Forms , Dimitropoúlou - Psomopoúlou, Dímitra
(2001) One Life in Two Countries
(2001) Formatting by Material Removal , Bouzákis, Konstantínos - Dionýsios E.
(2001) New Greek Language for 3rd and Technical Lyceum , Savváki, Chrysí
(2001) Practical Arithmetic , Xénos, Thanásis P.
(2001) Act of Submission
(2001) Problems in General Physics , Kyriákos, Dimítrios S.
(2001) Statistical Methods , Ioannídis, Dimítris A.
(2001) Statistical Quality Control
(2001) Numerical Methods in Geomechanics - Linear and Non - Linear Analysis

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