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Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Tel:(+30) 2310 566716
FAX:(+30) 2310 556717

Titles found in the Biblionet database
(2010) Street Sonets
(2009) Shapes and Shadows from the Theatre
(2009) Aspects of Hellenic Photography: Currents of Classical Creation [1923-1969]
(2008) The Thessaloniki Photographs
(2008) Dix aspects de la photographie hellenique: Tendences récents de la création
(2007) 19th International Photography Meeting, Photosynkyria: 34+1 Exhibitions, Portofolio Reviews, Cedefop/Photomuseum Award, Photojournalism, Masterclasses/Lectures, Parallel Events: Thessaloniki, April - May 2007
(2007) A Place Without a Place , Papaïoánnou, Iraklís
(2007) Mirror of a Life
(2006) International Festival of Photography Thessaloniki: The Photographic Document: Aspects and Transformations
(2006) International Festival of Photography Thessaloniki: Post Doc , Papaïoánnou, Iraklís
(2006) Salonique! Ça va? , Collective Work
(2006) Roaming the City: Photographs of Thessaloniki in the 1970's
(2006) Pioneers of the Technical Civilization: From the Public Power Corporation of Greek Photographic Archive
(2005) Photosynkyria 2005
(2005) Journey in the Light and Shade of Greece
(2005) Photographic Portraits from Kastoria and Its Vicinity at The Time of The Macedonian Struggle
(2004) Ways of Telling: Photography and Narrative
(2004) Hearths of Tradition
(2003) Photosynkyria 2003: Traces: The Object and The Past
(2003) Repositories of Time
(2003) Archaeologies , Stathátos, Giánnis
(2002) Photosynkyria 2002. L' image de mon frere
(2002) My Brother's Image: Humanism and Photography since Steichen
(2002) Costas Balafas: The Acheloos River: Currents and Counter-Currents , Papaïoánnou, Iraklís
(2002) Photosynkyria 2002: Thessaloniki February-March 2002: Humanism and Photography since Steichen
(2001) Image and Icon: The New Greek Photography , Stathátos, Giánnis
(2000) Image and Icon , Stathátos, Giánnis
(2000) Image et Icône , Stathátos, Giánnis

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