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Titles found in the Biblionet database
(2010) The Cuisine of the Holy Mountain Athos
(2006) The Christmas Demon, who was Lost , Tasiópoulos, Vangélis
(2006) Patras Cultural Capital of Europe , Collective Work
(2002) Her nine lives , Georgiádis, Thanásis
(2002) Frederic II, the miracle of universe , Ioannídis, Theódoros
(2001) Myths from the Myths of Lafontain , La Fontaine, Jean de
(2001) Myths from Lafontaine´s Fables , La Fontaine, Jean de
(2001) To the Health of Lost Ones , Vogiatzóglou, Stélla
(2001) The Book of Jordanis Gavras , Georgiádis, Thanásis
(2000) The World is our Backyard , Tasiópoulos, Vangélis
(2000) The Petrified King
(2000) The Woodcutter Who Turned Into an Angel , Zafeiríou, Stávros
(2000) The Shrews of the Murky Bottom , Tasiópoulos, Vangélis
(2000) The Tree of the Earth , Choreánthis, Kóstas
(2000) The Carnival of Animals , Zafeiríou, Stávros
(2000) Snow White´s Shroud , Athanasiádis, Kyriákos
(2000) One Thousand Myths, One Lettuce , Tasiópoulos, Vangélis

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