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(2013) The Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church & the Ecumenical Movement
(2010) A Period of Crisis: A Study on Byzantine-Ottoman Relations in Early 1420’s
(2010) Le problème des frontières du Royaume latin des Montferrat à Thessalonique: réalité et légalité
(2010) The Campaign and Battle of Pelagonia 1259
(2010) The Schism of 1054: Final Breach or Beginning of a Long Lasting Separation?
(2008) European Philhellenes, Observers and Technocrats in Revolted Greece and the Greek Kingdom (1821 - 1843) , Vakalópoulos, Konstantínos A.
(2008) Theophano: The Byzantine Empress of Germany Ambassadress of Byzantine Culture to the West
(2008) Minorities in Greece: Greek Minorities in Balkans
(2008) Muslim, Armenian and Jews my Fellow-citizens at Komotini , Mékos, Zafeíris
(2007) "The Greek who Urinated in the Inkwell", Some Remarks on the (Dis) Continuation of the Byzantine Administration and Terminology in Muslim Egypt and its Impact on the Christian Kingdoms of Nubia
(2007) His Mother's Voice: Anna Dalassene's Influence on Her Son, Emperor Alexios I Komnenos (1081 - 1118)
(2007) Interpreting Byzantine Cyprus: The Chalice, the Cameo and the "Mirro"
(2007) Riding and Reserving Equii in the Late Antique, Middle Byzantine Army
(2007) The Development and Function of Sigla on Late Byzantine Coins (a.d. 1204 - 1453)
(2007) The Search for the Byzantine Defensive System in Southern Rhodes
(2007) When did the Battle of «Leo’s Hill» Take Place? A Note on the History of Byzantine – Bulgar Relations in the Early Ninth Century
(2007) Nationalism and National Consciousness During the Middle Ages Based on the Chronicle of Morea: Relations of the Greeks With the Franks, Turks and Other Peoples
(2007) The Dynamics of Civilizations: Dialectic Approaches , Stavrianós, Giórgos
(2007) Mouslim Minority of Thrace (1950-1960)
(2007) The Voios Area (Anaselitsa) of Western Macedonia during 19th - 20th Centuries: Economic Life and Corporate Movement
(2007) Philosophical Subjects: Ancient, Byzantine and Modern Philosophy: Cosmology, Logic, Aesthetics, Politics, Rhetoric, Education
(2007) Critical Approaches to Eastern Orthodox Culture: Aspects of the Greek Case , Collective Work
(2007) Larissa et la plaine de Thessalie: Récits de faits historiques et culturels à travers les texts de 63 voyageurs européens depuis le 16ème jusqu'au début du 20ème siècle
(2007) Macedonian Portrait of 19th Century: The Historical Personalities of I. Argyropoulos and F. Piheon Through the Area and the Time
(2007) The Institutions of the Frankokratia: The Latin Empire of Constantinople and the Latin Kingdom of Thessaloniki
(2006) Evolutionary Unfolding of Iconic Forms in Natural and Biological Systems: Philosophy About Unfolding in Physics and Biology
(2006) Basic Principles of the Logic of Aristotle
(2006) International Law and Wartime Collaboration: The International Legal Nature of "Puppet Governments" During World War II , Záikos, N.
(2006) Elefthera Kimena: Gazing at Constantinople , Kortsáris, Aléxandros Ch.
(2006) Parallel Portraiture of the Ancient Maceconians and the Greeks of the Same Ethnicity
(2006) The Politics Philosophy of Education During the Last Byzantine Regeneration and Thomas Magistros (XV Century)
(2006) Folk Tales and History of Volakas in Drama
(2006) Türkçe Öğreniyorum
(2006) Medieval Macedonia, Thrace and Asia Minor , Nikoloúdis, Níkos
(2006) The Intermediary Hellenism at the Geopolitical Area of the Dominating Ideologies , Vakalópoulos, Konstantínos A.
(2006) The Greek Cypriots of the Diaspora and Relations Between Cyprus and the Vatican 1571-1878 , Tsirpanlís, Zacharías N.
(2006) Eusebius of Caesarea and the Greek Apologists' Views on Art
(2006) Orthodoxy and Culture: The Ministration of Katafasis in the Cultural Polymorphism
(2006) Petros Pikros: 1894-1956: Enlistment, Confrontation and Bitterness in Literature of the Interwar Period , Bártzis, Giánnis D.
(2006) The Bektashi Order in Asia Minor 14th - 20th Centuries: Social, Political, and Economic Parameters: The Traveller's Accounts
(2005) Klefts and Armatoli of Thessaly During the War of Greek Indepedence 1821
(2005) An introduction to informatics: Theology and informatics
(2005) Komotinis' Reminder: History, Scene and Life of Komotini and its People During the Previous Three Generations , Mékos, Zafeíris
(2005) Applications of multivariate data analysis: Methods: Factor analysis, Cluster analysis. Software: S-Pro v.2.0
(2005) "Erotic" Anna Comnena: A study on gender , Míntsis, Geórgios I.
(2005) The Byzantine letter of consolation: From Theodoros Studites to Eustathios of Thessalonike 9th-12th centuries: The therapeutic logos of the Byzantines against the passion of sorrow
(2005) Thessaloniki's Balkan and European Historical Continuity: Macedonian Urban Centres and Macedonian Hinterland During Modern Times , Vakalópoulos, Konstantínos A.
(2005) Literatura Română la sfârşitul secolului al XIX-Lea şi începutul secolului al XX-Lea: Ştefan Octavian Iosif
(2005) The Contribution of Greek Spirit in the Spread of European Idea
(2005) History of the Greater Macedonia 1350-1950 , Vakalópoulos, Konstantínos A.

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