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(2013) Drug Policy and Drug Legislation in South East Europe
(2013) Greek Business Law
(2013) Issues of Estoppel and Res Judicata in Anglo-American and Greek Law , Makrídou, Kalliópi Th.
(2013) Privacy and Surveillance , Kanellopoúlou - Bóti, María
(2013) LegalTech & Data Protection , Collective Work
(2013) Honorary Volume for Evi Laskari , Collective Work
(2012) Consumer Protection Law , Karákostas, Giánnis K.
(2012) Die Einwilligung des Patienten nach Deutschem und Griechischem Strafrecht
(2011) An Information Law for the 21st Century , Collective Work
(2011) Die äußere und innere Seite der Fahrlässigkeit im deutschen und griechischen Strafrecht
(2011) Law 2190/1920
(2011) Sorgfaltsplficht und Behandlungsfehler
(2009) 8th International Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry Conference , Collective Work
(2009) Sports Law, an Emerging Legal Order: Human Rights of Athletes , Panagiotópoulos, Dimítris P.
(2007) Law 2190
(2006) 4 Codes plus 6
(2006) Lex sportiva , Panagiotópoulos, Dimítris P.
(2006) The European Consolidation Banking Directive (2000/12/EC) and Beyond
(2006) General Commercial Law , Perákis, Evángelos E.
(2006) Applied Criminal Procedure , Margarítis, Lámpros Ch.
(2004) Company law
(2004) Legislation on Companies Limited by Shares
(2002) EU Competition Law and Policy
(2002) Franchising , Kostákis, Dimítrios S.
(2001) Effective Court Protection in Management Contract Award , Synodinós, Cháris P.
(2001) Aristotle´s Oration Art , Aristotle
(2001) Aristotle´s Oration Art , Aristotle
(2001) General Transaction Terms , Gazetás, Konstantínos N.
(2001) Management and Representation of an Unlimited General Partnership , Téllis, Níkos D.
(2001) Crimes of Jealousy , Papaïoánnou, Panagiótis G.
(2001) Limited Liability Company , Michalópoulos, Geórgios N.
(2001) The Divorce Trial , Kalavrós, Konstantínos F.
(2001) The Power of Attorney According to the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure , Triántos, Nikólaos
(2001) Estate Law , Mavromichális, Michális
(2001) Capital and Stock Market's Legislation , Georgakópoulos, Leonídas N.
(2001) Offsets in Bankruptcy , Michalópoulos, Geórgios N.
(2001) Legal Directory 2001
(2001) Rapists and Their Victims , Karámpelas, Lámpros D.
(2001) Collective Management of Intellectual Property Rights and Free Competition Law , Kininí, Éfi I.
(2001) The Constitution of Greece
(2001) Corrective Legislation , Spinélli, Kalliópi D.
(2001) General partnership law
(2001) Fraud , Kourákis, Néstor E.
(2000) Public Works Law , Stamópoulos, Stamátis
(2000) Easements, Registration, Cadaster , Triántos, Nikólaos
(2000) Investment Counselling and Portfolio Management , Papantóni, María K.
(2000) The Order to Pay and the Order to Relinquish Use of the Leasehold , Stavrákis, Argýrios N.
(2000) Group Investing Organisations in Greece and in the European Union , Moúzoulas, Spílios A.
(2000) The Protection of Intellectual Property in Criminal Law , Ouroúmpeis, Geórgios Ch.
(2000) Using Commercial Records and Account Books in Favor or Against a Company , Málamas, Fotodótis I.

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