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Titles found in the Biblionet database
(2003) Useful Notes and Exercises on the Most Commonly Used Charters of the English Grammar
(2003) Useful Notes and Exercises on the Most Used Chapters of the English Grammar
(2000) Principles of Mechanical Soil Cultivation and Sowing , Tsatsarélis, Konstantínos A.
(2000) Differential Diagnosis , Panteliádis, Chrístos P.
(2000) Introduction to Remote Sensing and the Geographical Information Systems , Syllaíos, Nikólaos G.
(1999) Proceedings of the European Conference on Advances in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas
(1999) Testudo marginata , Sofianídou, Theodóra S.
(1999) Rabbit Breeding , Chatzimináoglou, I.
(1998) Human Nutrition , Zerfyrídis, Grigóris K.
(1997) Agricultural Tractors , Tsatsarélis, Konstantínos A.

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