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Titles found in the Biblionet database
(2011) Russia and the Mediterranean: Proceedings of the First International Conference , Collective Work
(2010) La société Grecque sous la domination Ottomane , Collective Work
(2006) Collected Poems 1950-2004
(2003) The person of Christ in philosophical and apologetical works
(2002) Byzantina, Turcica, Mediaevalia: Historical contributions , Savvídis, Aléxis G. K.
(2002) East Central Greece and Boeotia During the Late Middle ages (15th Century) , Kalaitzakis, Theophanes Em.
(2002) Byzantine Cyprus 965-1191
(2002) The Concept of Beauty in Dionysius Areopagita. A Theoretical Approach to Byzantine Art.
(2002) The Eschatology of St. Gregory of Nyssa
(2002) The History of Thessaly in the 13th Century A.D.
(2002) The Spiritual Regeneration of Hellenism in Pontos , Koutsoupias, Fotios D.
(2002) The Political Thought of 14th Century in Thessaloniki.
(2002) Lesbos and the Eastern Mediterranean in the Roman and Early Byzantine Period (100 B.C. - 600 A.D.)
(2002) Leon Sgouros , Vlachopoúlou, Foteiní
(2002) Constantine IX Monomachos and his era: Eleventh century
(2002) The Greek Slavophones of Macedonia , Nikoloúdis, Geórgios
(2002) The Political Views of Byzantine Thinkers
(2002) The young Turk movement and hellenism 1908-1912: The historical roots in Macedonia , Vakalópoulos, Konstantínos A.
(2001) Prokopios Michael Psellos, Anna Komnene, John Kinnamos, George Sphrantzes , Savvídis, Aléxis G. K.

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