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(2012) Logistics Management and Engineering
(2011) Orthodoxy and West in the Spiritual Tradition of the Romanians: The Unity of the Orthodoxy and the Defense of the Orthodox Faith in the Front of the Protestant Propaganda in the XVII Century
(2011) Pharma Marketing , Kazázis, Níkos
(2010) Marketing Plans , Avlonítis, Geórgios I.
(2010) Linear Algebra , Georgiakódis, M. A.
(2010) Theophanis the Cretan to the Holy Monastery of St Nicholas Anapausas Meteora
(2010) Furniture and Wood Products Marketing
(2010) Learning Greek Through Songs , Koch, Maríza
(2010) Monthly Cost Accounting and Analytical Accounting , Kechrás, Ioánnis D.
(2009) Super Flops
(2008) English for Academic Discussion Classes , Diamantís, Gavriíl V.
(2008) Marketing of Shipping Companies
(2007) Mathematics for Economics , Frágkos, Chrístos K.
(2007) The Law of the Sea , Poulantzás, Nikólaos M.
(2006) Corporate Identity and Corporate Image , Mílios, Andréas Ch.
(2005) Diary 2006
(2005) Market Research Methods , Stathakópoulos, Vlásis
(2005) Marketing cases , Panigyrákis, Geórgios G.
(2005) Shipping Law , Poulantzás, Nikólaos M.
(2004) 18F-FDG PET , Gógou, Lída
(2004) Medical Statistics and General Biomathematics , Papaïoánnou, Tákis
(2003) Home economics in ancient Greece and the origins of modern human ecology
(2003) Lehrbuch des Beamtenrechts , Panagópoulos, Theódoros I.
(2002) English for Academic and Professional Purposes , Tómprou, Chrysoúla
(2002) ISO 9000:2000 , Arvanitogiánnis, I. S.
(2002) Managerial economics , Gouliélmos, Aléxandros M.
(2002) Hotel management , Laloúmis, Dimítris
(2002) Weeds , Tsapikoúnis, Fánis A.
(2002) Nutrition - fertilization of deciduous fruit trees: Deficiencies - toxicities, physiological disorders of fruits
(2002) Shipbuilding installations
(2002) Shipyard management and organisation
(2002) Ship production and ship building
(2001) With Elder Porphyrios
(2001) English Greek and Greek English Dictionary of Accountancy , Kántzos, Konstantínos
(2001) Exercises in Macroeconomic Theory , Palaiológos, Giánnis
(2001) Kurzlehrbuch des Umweltrechts , Panagópoulos, Theódoros I.
(2001) Introduction to Transport Economics , Samprákos, Evángelos A.
(2001) Quality Control in Shipping Companies and Ships , Gouliélmos, Aléxandros M.
(2001) Budgetary Control , Pomónis, Nikólaos S.
(2001) The Euro , Theodorópoulos, Theódoros E.
(2001) Operations and Production Management in Shipping Companies , Gouliélmos, Aléxandros M.
(2001) Soil Analysis Interpretation , Koukoulákis, Pródromos Ch.
(2001) Group Theory , Georgiakódis, M. A.
(2001) Cost Accounting , Pomónis, Nikólaos S.
(2001) Business Action Planning , Kióchos, Pétros A.
(2001) Business to Business Marketing , Avlonítis, Geórgios I.
(2001) Stock Exchange Crises and Investment Instruments , Mitsiópoulos, Giánnis Th.
(2001) Athens Stock Market for Shares and Derivatives. International Stock Markets , Kióchos, Pétros A.
(2000) Leasing, Factoring, Forfaiting, Franchising, Venture Capital , Galánis, Vasíleios P.
(2000) Interpersonal Relations In the Workspace , Kalogírou, Kornilía

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