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Sideris I. Publications

Address:Solonos 116
106 81 Athina
Tel:(+30) 210 3833434
FAX:(+30) 210 3832294

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(2013) Karl Marx
(2013) Karl Popper
(2012) Humanitarian Space Discourse in the 21st Century: Emergence, Dimensions, Legal Framework for an Effective and Legal Humanitarian Action , Maroúda, María
(2011) Development, Leadership, Society: Essays on Comparative Political Analysis: In Honor of Professor Emeritus Kleomenis Koutsoukis , Collective Work
(2011) Copenhagen 2009: The Environment in the Middle of an International Crisis , Collective Work
(2010) Caritas rei publicae , Chrysochóou, Dimítris N.
(2010) The European Union and the Environment: Anatomy of a Common European Policy = L’ Union Européenne et L’ Environnement: Anatomie D’ Une Politique Européenne Commune , Tsáltas, Grígoris I.
(2009) Niccolo Machiavelli
(2009) International Climate Policy: The Road to Copenhagen , Collective Work
(2007) 175 Years of Greek - Russian Diplomatic Relations (1828 - 2003) , Collective Work
(2007) Atenas una ciudad mágica , Skoumpourdí, Ártemis
(2007) Security and Piracy at the High Seas: The Contemporary Legal Approach Through the United Nations' Convention on the Law of the Sea (Montego Bay, 1982) , Collective Work
(2007) Introduction to European Studies: Economic Integration and Policies: Theories and Applications , Collective Work
(2007) Social Europe: Expectations and Achievements , Nikolakopoúlou - Stefánou, Iró
(2006) Storie italiane
(2006) III International Symposium on Thucydides: The Speeches
(2006) Introduction to European Studies: Unification Dynamics - Legal Order-Governance , Collective Work
(2006) In Sifnos: In the Tradition of Lilywhite Beauty and Flavor
(2006) Global Europe? International Dimensions of the European Union
(2005) The Islands in the 21st Century: Sustainable Development and Environment
(2005) In the Tracks of Dionysus: Ancient Tragedy Performances in Greece 1867-2000
(2005) Travelling: Images of the World
(2004) Power yoga
(2004) Telepathy
(2004) Athens: Memories and buildings
(2004) The sacred light
(2003) EU Integration and the Future of Southeastern Europe , Collective Work
(2003) The Question of Security in Southeastern Europe
(2003) Africa and sustainable development: The last worldwide challenge / chance=Afrique et développement durable: Le dernier défi / chance mondial , Tsáltas, Grígoris I.
(2003) Johannesburg 2002: The environment after the conference of the united nations for the sustainable development: Minutes of the Conference - Rhodes, December 2002
(2003) Economist Logion: A terminological approach to Xenophon Zolotas Unified Speeches
(2003) International regime of seas and oceans: International policies, international law, international organization , Tsáltas, Grígoris I.
(2003) International regime of seas and oceans: International policies, international law, international organization , Tsáltas, Grígoris I.
(2002) Democracy, Security and Economic Development in Southeast Europe , Collective Work
(2002) Karl Marx redivivus? , Tzermiás, Pávlos N.
(2002) Social Europe: Deficits and prospects , Nikolakopoúlou - Stefánou, Iró
(2002) New social democracy, political content, institutions, organisational structures
(2002) The Cyprus question , Irakleídis, Aléxis
(2001) US-European Relations under the Bush Administration , Collective Work
(2001) The Greek-Turkish Conflict from Cyprus to the Imia Islets, the S-300 Missiles and Helsinki 1955-2000 , Giallourídis, Christódoulos K.
(2001) Kosovo , Giallourídis, Christódoulos K.
(2001) Foreign Policy Parametres , Theodorópoulos, Výron
(2001) Culture and Politics , Verémis, Thános M.
(2001) On the Sun´s Course , Papathanasíou, Fótis
(2001) The Fourtounakis Clan and the Vrontakis Clan , Michailídis, Lákis
(2000) Albanians, Minorities, Greeks , Kargákos, Sarántos I.
(2000) Introduction to International Armed Conflict Law , Gángas, Dionýsis S.
(2000) The International Community, and International Relations Theories , Irakleídis, Aléxis
(2000) Greek Foreign Policy , Kranidiótis, Giánnos N.

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