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Hellenic Ministry of Culture

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106 82 Athina
Tel:(+30) 213 1322100
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Titles found in the Biblionet database
(2008) Ottoman Architecture in Greece , Collective Work
(2008) Antike und Moderne: Erinnerungen an die Antike in der modernen Kunst Griechenlands , Collective Work
(2007) 13 Cartoonists Inspired by the Olive Tree
(2006) The Dispersed Urbanity of the Aegean Archipelago: 10th International Exhibition of Architecture Venice Biennale: Greek Participation , Collective Work
(2006) Ode to the Olive Tree , Collective Work
(2005) 23rd Biennale of Alexandria 2005: Greek Participation
(2005) Mani: a Virtual Tour
(2005) The Years of Defiance: The Art of the '70s in Greece , Collective Work
(2002) From the Vision to the Reality , Linárdos - Rylmón, Pétros
(2001) Byzantine Hours
(2001) The City of Mystras , Collective Work
(2001) The Splendour of Heaven
(2001) The Greek Script=Die griechische Schrift , Collective Work
(1999) Ceremony and faith. Byzantine art and the divine liturgy
(1997) Greek Jewellery
(1995) Russian Avant-garde 1910-1930: The G. Costakis Collection: Theory - Criticism , Collective Work

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