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Smyrniotakis Publications

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(2011) Elounda
(2011) International Celebration of Poets , Collective Work
(2010) 10 Educational Posters
(2010) Family Tree
(2010) Parts of the Body
(2007) Proverbial Words and Phrases , Natsoúlis, Tákis
(2003) Patouhas , Kondylákis, Ioánnis D.
(2003) First Love , Kondylákis, Ioánnis D.
(2003) Help Your Child With Homework and Personal Cultivation , Lamprinídis, Antónis
(2003) The New Golden Nursery Book , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
(2003) Christmas Traditions , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
(2000) Candle Snuffer , Rápti - Trýfona, Amalía
(2000) I Learn the Letters , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
(2000) I Observe and Learn , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
(2000) Seawayfaring , Stefanópoulos, Kóstas
(2000) Ramby, the Smart Rabbit , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
(2000) Animals at the Table , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
(2000) First Writing Book , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
(2000) Our Friend the Wave , Valári, Féfi
(2000) The Dream of Janus , Vryóni, Gióta
(2000) The Little Seed and the Rock , Valári, Féfi
(2000) Voyage to the End of the World , Vryóni, Gióta
(2000) The cricket and the rose , Vryóni, Gióta
(1999) Alexios Kallergis , Angelís, Níkos
(1999) Tatiana and the Little Lamb , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
(1998) Methodical Guide to Spelling and Punctuation , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
(1998) Model ABC , Papasakellaríou, Ilías
(1998) Once Upon A Time in a Forest , Ladiá, Éva
(1996) The Abduction of Europa , Papastámos, Geórgios
(1996) Eleftherios Venizelos as a National Leader , Theodorákis, Emmanouíl A.
(1996) Theseus , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
(1996) The Adventures of Telemachos , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
(1994) My New 4th Grade Grammar , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
(1991) To Find a Chestnut Forest , Papákou - Lágou, Avgí
Odyssey of Feelings , Begétis, Níkos
Find a Proverb , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
Short Stories , Vizyinós, Geórgios M.
Short Stories , Papadiamántis, Aléxandros
The Shepherdess with the Pearls , Nirvánas, Pávlos
The Life of Christ , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
Education Research Methodology , Touloúpis, Dimítrios Ch.
My New 3rd Grade Grammar , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
Behold the Man , Laskarátos, Andréas
Words of the Prow , Karkavítsas, Andréas
Loukis Laras , Vikélas, Dimítrios
I Learn to Read , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
New Ideas for Creative Crafts , Smyrniotákis, Giánnis K.
Stories from the Islands , Eftaliótis, Argýris
Adventures of Captain Stavris , Vourvoúli - Neroútsou, Ánna
Stories of Poros , Dragoúmi, Ioulía D.

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