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(2007) Legjislacioni penal grek kodi penal ligje penale te posacem kode korrektues
(2003) Der deliktische Anspurch auf Geldentschädigung für immateriellen Schaden
(2003) Industrial Property , Liakópoulos, Athanásios Th.
(2003) Private Insurance Law , Skouloúdis, Zacharías
(2003) Introduction to Law and Civil Law , Panagópoulos, Konstantínos D.
(2003) Family Law , Panagópoulos, Konstantínos D.
(2003) Stock Exchange and Banking Law , Georgakópoulos, Leonídas N.
(2001) Deliktsrechtlicher Schutz bei mittelbaren Persönlichkeitsverletzungen
(2000) Franchise Agreements
(2000) General Terms of Transaction in Consumer and Commercial Agreements , Mentís, Giórgos
(2000) The Concept and Operation of the Written Document in Criminal Law , Konstantinídis, Ángelos I.
(2000) Studies of Reversal Procedures , Psomás, Ioánnis G.
(2000) The Crime of Insubordination , Kontaxís, Thrasývoulos Th.
(2000) The European Court in Strasbourg , Miliarákis, Pétros I.
(1999) Trade Mark Licensing in English and Greek Law , Psarrás, Alkiviádis K.
(1999) Payment for Societe Anonyme Board Members , Gkoúskou, Angélika A.
(1999) Ban on Retroactivity, and Objective Attribution , Vathiótis, Konstantínos I.
(1999) Contractual Constraints on the Disposition Entitlement , Kitsarás, Lámpros I.
(1999) Contract Law , Georgiádis, Apóstolos S.
(1999) The Euro and the Law , Georgiádis, Apóstolos S.
(1999) Victim Self-Risk as a Factor in Manslaughter and Injury Due to Negligence , Triantafýllou, Geórgios N.
(1999) Special Liquidation of Ailing Enterprises , Mázis, Panagiótis K.
(1999) Bill of Exchange Debtor Protection , Márkou, Ioánnis P.
(1999) Leasing , Mázis, Panagiótis K.
(1999) Practical Topics of Special Criminal Code Application , Békas, Giánnis
(1999) Construction Law , Christofilópoulos, Dimítris G.
(1999) Bankruptcy Law , Pátsis, Michaíl P.
(1999) The Forged Document , Tzannetís, Aristoménis V.
(1998) Le principe de confiance legitime en droit public Francais , Prevedoúrou, Evgenía
(1998) Motive and Cassation as Constituents of Criminal Evidence , Androulákis, Nikólaos
(1998) Counter-Terrorist Legislation and the Lawful State Principle , Belantís, Dimítrios
(1998) Arbitration and Administrative Differences , Fortsákis, Theódoros P.
(1998) Sanctions Law , Gésiou - Faltsí, Pelagía
(1998) Voluntary Jurisdiction , Brakatsoúlas, Vasíleios K.
(1998) Citizen´s Protection from the State in Scandinavia , Trántas, Giórgos
(1998) Penal Jurisdiction at Sea and Crimes Committed on Ships , Tsirídis, Polychrónis P.
(1998) Criminal Law and Narcotics , Kontaxís, Athanásios K.
(1998) Notes on Constitutional Law , Dervitsiótis, Álkis N.
(1998) Construction Law , Christofilópoulos, Dimítris G.
(1997) Payment Orders, Credit Titles and Procedures , Brakatsoúlas, Vasíleios K.
(1997) Bill of Exchange Law , Márkou, Ioánnis P.
(1997) Commercial Publicity , Liakópoulos, Athanásios Th.
(1997) Appealing Personal Guarantee Contracts , Márkou, Ioánnis P.
(1997) Applications of Compulsory Enforcement , Kalogiánnis, Athanásios N.
(1997) Aspects of Commercial Law , Liakópoulos, Athanásios Th.
(1997) Issues of Commercal Law IV , Liakópoulos, Athanásios Th.
(1997) Issues of Commercial Law III , Liakópoulos, Athanásios Th.
(1997) Freedom of Speech in the USA , Tsakyrákis, Stávros
(1997) Civil Procedures in Practice , Kalogiánnis, Athanásios N.
(1997) Participation in Suicide , Papacharalámpous, Cháris

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