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Titles found in the Biblionet database
(2009) Hikes, Walks and Rambles in Western Crete
(2004) Monuments of Athens , Filadelféfs, Aléxandros
(2004) The Footpaths of Meteora , Kalogírou, Antónis
(2002) Religions and politics in the age of modernity
(2002) The State, criminal authority, and european integration
(2002) Macroeconomic developments and macroeconomic policy in Greece, 1975-2000 , Pantazídis, Stélios
(2002) The ropewalkers , Koukoutsáki, Afrodíti
(2002) Descriptive statistics
(2001) Inner Safety and the Society of Control , Lampropoúlou, Éfi P.
(2001) Finance System Dynamic , Provópoulos, Geórgios A.
(2001) Theories About Collective Action and Social Movements , Alexandrópoulos, Stélios
(2001) Constructing Identities for the Muslims of Thrace , Troumpéta, Sevastí
(2001) Economic Methodology , Karagiánnis, Anastásios, D.
(2000) Historical Memory and Greekness in Comics , Skarpélos, Giánnis
(2000) Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis , Paláskas, Theodósios V.
(1999) The Black Sea Economic Co-operation , Salavrákos, Ioánnis - Dionýsios
(1999) Languages, Alphabets and National Ideology in Greece and the Balkans , Collective Work
(1999) Manual of Archive Science , Bágias, Andréas
(1999) Legal Issues of Religious Differentiation in Greece , Collective Work
(1999) The Balkan Economies in the Early Stage of Transition to Market Economy , Karafotákis, Evángelos I.
(1997) Organisational Communication , Panagiotopoúlou, Rói
(1997) The Soul and the Idols , Sevastákis, Nikólas A.
(1997) Position and Truth , Faráklas, Giórgos
(1997) Theories About Global Capitalism , Miliós, Giánnis
(1997) Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis , Paláskas, Theodósios V.
(1996) Social Policy and Social Dialogue in the Perspective of the Economic and Monetary Union and of the Europe of Citizens , Collective Work
(1996) The Problem of Voluntary Slavery , Kotrógiannos, Dimítris
(1995) The Dialectic of War , Dimoúlis, Dimítris
(1995) Heidegger and the Problem of Ontology , Xiropaΐdis, Giórgos
(1995) The USA Constitution , Petroulákos, P. A.
(1993) Education and Power , Miliós, Giánnis
(1992) Software , Marínos, Michaíl - Theódoros D.
(1991) Topics in Economic Policy , Vavoúras, Ioánnis S.
(1991) Stroumbas, the Little Bear , Chatzákis, Sotíris
(1990) The Productive Process in the Public Sector and the Increase of Public Spending , Vavoúras, Ioánnis S.
(1990) Keynesian Theory and Greek Economic Policy , Psalidópoulos, Michális
(1990) Cooperative Economy , Sifniótis, Kóstas
(1989) Software , Marínos, Michaíl - Theódoros D.

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