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(2007) Society, Citizens and Politics: The European Social Survey - ESS , Collective Work
(2005) The Node for Secondary Processing , Collective Work
(2004) The Daily Life of Greek Diaspora
(2004) The Small Farmers in Greece: Who Will Survive and How
(2004) The Political System , Terlexís, Pantazís
(2003) Law-Making on Drugs and Politics in Greece
(2003) Draining of Lakes: A Study of Sustainability and Cultural History , Kováni, Eléni Th.
(2003) Globalization and Modern Society , Collective Work
(2002) From the Peasant to the Farmer , Damianákos, Státhis V.
(2002) Desing Issues in Social Research Based on Information Technology Methods , Kállas, Giánnis
(2002) Social and Economic Atlas of Greece , Collective Work
(2002) Families and the Welfare State in Europe: Trends and Challenges in the New Century
(2002) Population and Education in Greece: Trends and Perspectives , Collective Work
(2002) The Housing Probliem of Earthquake Victims in the Area of Grevena , Kouvéli, Anastasía
(2001) In the Swadow of the Sacred Rock , Kaftantzóglou, Roxáni
(2000) Criminals and Victims at the Doorstep of the 21st Century
(2000) Professional Orientation, Specialisation and Career Choice of Medical School Graduates in Greece , Fakiolás, Níkos P.
(2000) Expected and Actual Family Size in Greece. Life-Cycle Events. A Follow-up Study: 1983-1997 , Symeonídou, Chári
(2000) Computers in Social Research , Kállas, Giánnis
(2000) Oral History of the War , Thanopoúlou, María
(2000) Pupils and the Museum , Kouvéli, Anastasía
(2000) Parties and Parliamentary Elections in Greece 1946-1964 , Nikolakópoulos, Ilías
(2000) The Demographic Evolutions in Greece and Eastern Europe Countries during the Postwar Period , Kotzamánis, Výron
(2000) Boundaries and Margins: Intergrations and Exlusions
(1999) The Family in Athens , Marátou - Alimpránti, Láoura
(1999) Identity, Particular Characteristics and Needs of Young People in the Prefecture of Thessalonica
(1999) Young People: Use of Time, Interpersonal Relationships , Gardíki, Olympía
(1999) Young People: Use of Time, Interpersonal Relationships , Gardíki, Olympía
(1999) Tourism as a Factor for Social Change , Manóloglou, Evdokía
(1998) Processes of Social Restructuring in Piraeus , Benoit - Guilbot, O.
(1998) Social Aspects of Employment , Kasimáti, Koúla
(1998) Average Housing Conditions in our Country's Large Cities , Kouvéli, Anastasía
(1998) Portrait of an Intercultural Relation , Petronóti, Marína
(1998) The Housing Problem in the Earthquake-Stricken Aigio , Kouvéli, Anastasía
(1997) Demographic Aspects of Income Distribution , Baloúrdos, Dionýsis
(1997) The Leisure Time of Youth , Myrizákis, Giánnis
(1997) Power, Work and Memory in three Villages in Epirus , Damianákos, Státhis V.
(1997) Study of Family Solidarity at Work , Sinópoulos, P. A.
(1997) Social and Economic Inequalitites in Housing , Kouvéli, Anastasía
(1997) Socio-economic Factors Determining Fertility in Greece , Douligéris, Vangélis
(1997) Kinship and Home Space Organisation , Kaftantzóglou, Roxáni
(1995) If You Hear a Crane´s Voice , Kováni, Eléni Th.
(1995) Social Aspects of Employment , Petronóti, Marína
(1995) Drug Addiction as Ideological Risk , Tsíli, Sosó
(1995) The Social Effects of Tourism in the Corfu and Lassithi Prefectures , Tsártas, Páris
(1995) Dowries, Taxes, Raisins and Bread , Psychogiós, Dimítrios K.
(1995) Housing Conditons in Major Greek Urban Centers , Kouvéli, Anastasía
(1993) Social Research in Greece Today , National Centre for Social Research
(1992) Social Aspects of Employment , Thanopoúlou, María
(1992) Socioeconomic Factors Determining Fertility in Greece , Symeonídou, Chári

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