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Titles found in the Biblionet database
(2005) Botanic Dictionary , Gennádios, P. G.
(2002) Poems , Karyotákis, Kóstas G.
(1999) 452 Healing Herbs , Lavriótis, Gymnásios
(1999) Proverbs, Maxims and Their Interpretation , Michaíl - Déde, María
(1996) Folk Songs of Epirus , Aravantinós, Panagiótis
Divris Greco-Italiano, Italiano-Greco nuovo piccolo dizionario , Englézos, G.
To My Country , Valaorítis, Aristotélis
Erotocritos , Kornáros, Vitséntzos
Cheerful Stories for Children , Michaíl - Déde, María
Lissom , Karkavítsas, Andréas
The Murderess , Papadiamántis, Aléxandros
The Iliad , Homer
Stories of Old Man Stathis , Melás, Léon
The Erotic Interpreter of Dreams , Damianós, N.
The Odyssey , Homer
When I was a Teacher and Other Short Stories , Kondylákis, Ioánnis D.
Old Loves , Karkavítsas, Andréas
Proverbs and Mottos of Arvanites Greeks , Michaíl - Déde, María
Easter Stories , Papadiamántis, Aléxandros
Poems , Polydoúri, María
Poems , Kaváfis, Konstantínos P.
Poetry , Palamás, Kostís
Verseworks , Valaorítis, Aristotélis
Calorie Counter , Damianós, N.

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