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(2010) Useful Notes and Exercises on the Most Commonly Used Chapters of the English Grammar
(2010) Useful Notes and Exercises on the Most Commonly Used Chapters of the English Grammar
(2010) Topics in Adolescent Psychology , Krasanákis, Geórgios E.
(2010) Patrology: Greek Oriental and Latine Patristic Literature: The Fifth Centrury , Papadópoulos, Stylianós G.
(2009) Approach to Greek Higher Education , Kassotákis, Michális I.
(2007) Konsstantinos Melitiniotes and Photios of Constantinople on the Filioque
(2007) An Anthology of Biblical Lyric Poetry , Míkoglou, Cháris
(2007) Notes
(2006) Comparationes phylosophorum Aristotelis et Platonis. Liber primum
(2006) Classroom Organisation and Management , Matsangoúras, Ilías G.
(2006) Latin-Greek Dictionary , Oulérichos, Erríkos
(2005) Detailed Programmes for a New Era in Education , Flourís, Geórgios S.
(2005) Teaching Organization and Learning , Flourís, Geórgios S.
(2005) Counselling and Counselling Psychology , Dimitrópoulos, Efstáthios G.
(2004) Abridged Encyclopedia of Philological Unveilings , Maragkákis, Emmanouíl N.
(2004) Funtamental Structures and Bases of Orthodox Communicative Theology , Gaïtánis, Vasíleios
(2004) Sunday Sermons: In Modern Greek and in English
(2003) Communication Strategy , Fragkomíchalos, Kóstas E.
(2002) Looking Inward , Sklíris, Stamátis
(2002) Assessment of Education and Educational Work , Dimitrópoulos, Efstáthios G.
(2000) Aesop´s Fables , Efstratiádis, Avrílios
(2000) Deidiocyfication , Seneca, Lucius Annaeus
(2000) Theory of Byzantine Painting , Voloudáki, Ninétta V.
(2000) Festival Events in the School , Delónis, Antónis
(2000) Effective Modern Greek Instruction Through Ancient Greek, Byzantine and Scholarly Texts , Koxaráki, María S.
(2000) The Social Necessity of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning , Aravanís, Geórgios E.
(2000) The Variable Nature of Society and the Contribution of Education , Aravanís, Geórgios E.
(2000) Education in the Information Society , Doúkas, Chrístos Ch.
(2000) Information for Higher Studies and Work , Kassotákis, Michális I.
(2000) Students´ Social Origin and Language Performance in School , Aravanís, Geórgios E.
(2000) Recent European Literature , Siafáka, Ifigéneia A.
(2000) The Greek Type Across the Globe , Kanarákis, Giórgos
(2000) The School Counsellor , Giokarínis, Konstantínos N.
(2000) Orthodox Messages , Fotíou, Stávros S.
(2000) Messages on Education by Maria Montessori , Fragkoúli - Siganoú, Sofía
(2000) On Peace , Isocrates
(2000) Prolegomena to the Question About God , Kyriazópoulos, Spyrídon D.
(2000) How Teachers Think, Feel and Decide About Students With Affective and Behavioural Difficulties , Poúlou, María
(2000) Concise Dictionary of Attic Prose Verbs , Vasilátos, Konstantínos
(2000) Relational Education , Kosmópoulos, Aléxandros V.
(2000) Success in School , Tzaní, María
(2000) Special Children and Their Education , Kypriotákis, Antónis V.
(1999) Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics , Thanasiá, Filió
(1999) Aristotle Politics , Thanasiá, Filió
(1999) Teaching Religious Studies , Portelános, Stamátis P.
(1999) Teaching Natural Sciences , Kókkotas, Panagiótis V.
(1999) Teaching and Learning Using Modern Communication , Kanákis, Ioánnis N.
(1999) High Clergy Martyrs in Ottoman Greece , Nikoláou, Níkos V.
(1999) Introduction to the Science of Education , Christiás, Ioánnis
(1999) He, Jesus Christ , Efthymios Stylios, Bishop of Achelous

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